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Our comprehensive test menu is sure to have a test or panel suited for everyone. Whether you are interested in monitoring a known condition, preventing new problems, or finding ways to get healthier; Cinch® has a solution for you.

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Come visit us in person at one of our draw sites.
A qualified phlebotomist will collect a blood or urine sample, taking only what we need for the testing you've requested. All phlebotomists are our direct employees and draw sites are owned by us, so we know you'll have a safe, comfortable and easy experience.

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We'll send you an email or text message as soon as your results are ready. Most results are available 2-5 days after your sample is taken. Your results are straight to the point - we show your result and whether it was in range or out of range. Every test comes with an interpretative comment that will help you understand implications of high or low values. If results are outside of the optimal range, we recommend that you review them with a healthcare provider.